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Pamela Jameson is an artist, art coach and designer who specializes in original watercolor paintings of things you love.

Pamela grew up on Long Island and as a young advertising creative she followed her heart and moved to New Zealand. There she marveled at the natural beauty, and fell in love. She married, raised two beautiful daughters and embraced life as a Kiwi.  Art is always something Pamela loved and she experimented with different styles of painting as she pursued her teaching career in visual arts and art history, while raising her girls.

In 2019, she returned to the US and to the Atlanta area, where her twin sister Paula and family resides and she set up a studio with the goal of painting and began with watercolor paintings of pets for family and friends.

“I began painting watercolors to balance my design work/personal life.  It felt like therapy.  Then the magic unfolded. This is where the universe (and me) have opened up an entirely new possibility to explore, create and share.” 

Pamela Jameson

Her pet paintings have now become much treasured art for her clients to display in their homes and to share prints with family and friends.  Today Pamela splits her time between painting commissioned works, product lines and a new online wor shop series designed to unlock the inner artist and  inspire others to find joy with her special brand of art therapy under the Pam Joy Art brand.

original watercolor art

Our pets bring us such joy and love. 

 Pam has painted many of adorable furry faces, capturing the emotion and personalities in her original watercolor paintings in ways that photos cannot.

Pam is currently accepting new Commissions to paint your pets, your home, or whatever sparks Joy for you.

Original works can be paired with sets of prints. Share the joy with family and friends.  Truly a gift of love.

Packages that include an original watercolor and prints to gift and share with others begin at $395.


Joy is Pamela’s middle name.

Joy is what she gets from art.

Joy is what she inspires in others

with her paintings, art workshops

and individual coaching sessions.


Ignite your inner artist in a relaxed three-hour group workshop learning beginner techniques with all supplies shipped to you.

These small group workshops are virtual video workshops until the air is clear! 

Online Workshops on Sundays


Unleash the talent within. Individual coaching and art inspiration sessions to help you spark joy.

If you attend a workshop and feel ready to a more immersive art experience, then art coaching may be just right for you.

Sessions begin with a clarity and mindfulness exercise and might involve a nice glass of wine as well.

Offered individually or in multiple sessions.

9 + 2 =

 I was lucky enough to have Pam as my Computer Graphic Design tutor. I’d just left my 5-year career and returned to full-time study to pursue my dream of doing something more creative with my life.

I was starting out on a totally new path career path and was plagued with self-doubt.

From day one, Pam was a reassuring, caring, kind and encouraging mentor who helped me believe in myself. One of the most important lessons I learnt from Pam was to think beyond the obvious (and the first sketch). She encouraged me (and the rest of the class) to embrace the design process—especially when it became challenging because that’s where real growth happens. Her passion for art and design is truly inspiring and shines through in her approach to teaching; Pam, will not only teach you new design skills but also help you gain an understanding of and appreciation for the people and ideas that have helped shape the craft. She’s also an amazingly genuine and warm person who truly cares about her students. Thank you, Pam for introducing me to the world of graphic design and helping me through one of the most momentous years of my life.

Dominey Flores

Graphic Design Student

I believe Pam is the reason I succeeded so much while studying my graphic design diploma. She is an amazingly talented, encouraging woman who was always there to support me when I needed it, and helped me believe in my abilities to achieve more than I initially thought possible. She is excellent at picking up on small details in work I may have not noticed myself, and is great at explaining things in a way that kept my learning fresh and exciting.

I have kept in touch with her after graduating and she continues to inspire me to this day; there’s no such thing as a boring conversation with her. I’m really grateful to have had her as my art coach.

Fran Avery

Graphic Design Student

Pamela was so fabulous to work with. She helped me update my CV as an interior designer and made me believe in me! Such a pleasure and so patient.

Marie Oliver

Interior Designer








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Suite 700

Atlanta, Georgia 30309

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